Team List

Team List - 2017

Meet the teams participating in the Regina Dragon Boat Festival, learn who they are, and where they come from.  Team bios (Click team name to expand) will be added as they are received from teams so if you do not see your team bio, it is likely in the works.  Check back regularly for updates.

Please contact us if you would like your team added, changed, or have any concerns or questions.

Prairie Cup Competitive

The Prairie Dragons Paddling Club is a non-profit organization which brings together dragon boat paddlers for sport, recreation, fitness, education, competition and fun.

 Pond Scum is the Prairie Dragons’ competitive crew consisting of a core group of paddlers from Regina plus others from Calgary, Lethbridge, Winnipeg and Edmonton. The average age of this crew over 50 but they still manage to compete at a high level.

This crew has been competing for over 25 years attending numerous festivals throughout western Canada and internationally. They are 9 times winners of the Competitive Division at their local Regina Dragon Boat Festival and have competed at 4 Club Crew World Championships since 2004. (South Africa - 2004, Toronto - 2006, Malaysia - 2008 and Italy - 2014).

Pond Scum has recently returned from the 2017 Pan American Club Crew Championships (March 17-19, 2017) in Puerto Rico where they competed in 24 different race categories over 3 days and medalling in 22 of them bringing home 5 GOLD, 10 SILVER and 7 BRONZE medals.

Check out their website at

The Prairie Dragons would also like to extend special thanks to all the Regina Dragon Boat Festival organizers and volunteers who work so hard to make this fantastic event happen every year!

Dragon PAC was formed in 1997 by a group of friends who wanted to get together and have some fun.

We were in the Mixed Rec Division for a number of years before moving into the Prairie Cup Challenge in 2011. Since being in the PCC we have won the title 4 times and have won the sprints twice. The group has changed quite a bit from the original 22, but we are still a bunch of misfits who still like to have a good time.

We are usually the last people in the beer tents and can usually be found wandering down Albert Street looking for another watering hole after the tent closes. 

A mix of paddlers from Winnipeg consisting of the Dirty Oars, Muddy Water Dragons and River City Dragons.


Women's Division

Lily Dippers are a ladies team established in 1994. We are a group of Treeemendous gals who love to paddle. Ladies from all ages, professions and abilities paddling for fitness, fun and friendship. We have competed as a team in Lethbridge and Regina festivals.  Many of the gals have gone on to compete internationally in many dragon boat festivals.

Papetista is a Regina based dragon boat team made up of breast cancer survivors and their family and friends. We have been participants in the Regina Dragon Boat Festival for over 10 years, paddling to raise awareness of breast cancer in the community. Last year, Papetista was the silver medallist in the Breast Cancer Survivor category.

Papetista participates in the Rose ceremony, in remembrance of those that have lost their battle with cancer. The festival provides roses that are thrown into the water, followed by a moment of silence.

In 2016 you may recall seeing Papetista in this CBC story.

General Delivery is made up of nurses and doctors that work together at the Labour and Delivery unit at the Regina General Hospital.

They are entering their 7th year of racing together, with new faces joining the team every year.

Dragon Our Cookies - this is our 17th year participating in the festival. The team is made up of past & present members of Girl Guides of Canada along with some friends. There are 2 women that have been on the team every year we have raced.

Our best finish was 2nd place and we are proud to say we've never finished last!!

We enjoy fun, friendship & adventure on Wascana Lake each summer.

Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada - Register NOW at for Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, Rangers or to become a volunteer.

Dragon Riders


Busting With Energy(bwe), a team from Saskatoon,SK is composed entirely of breast cancer survivors with a broad range of ages (40-80 yr) and PHYSICAL capabilities. Our team is a symbol of hope: a person can have a funfilled, active, fulfilling and exciting life after breast cancer.

In the past, BWE has paddled in Lethbridge, regina, edmonton, calgary, and Kelowna as well as in International Breast Cancer Paddling COMMISSION (IBCPC) festivals in Vancouver, Peterborough, and Sarasota, florida. We are now excited To be planning and fundraising for our journey to the 2018 Ibcpc festival in Florence, Italy.

We look forward to participating in the Regina festival.  "We have spirit, yes we do"

We are from Medicine Hat Alberta, and this will be our second year coming to the Regina Festival.
Our team was brought together in 2006 because of a common bond, Breast Cancer survivors or supporters of survivors.  This years team is comprised of original paddlers from the early years to paddlers who have just started this spring.  We want to provide an opportunity to all women to participate in a sport regardless of age or ability.  We have developed many friendships, on our 45 minute drive to Elkwater to practice each week.  Our goal is to better ourselves each race, one stroke at a time. 

We paddle because we can, and to get over the finish line -- see you there!
Adult Mixed Recreational

Rock You to the COR- 6.0

‘Even the most steadfast machines need tweaking. COR is back this year with some upgrades and some fresh new paddles to Rock You with!’

Municipaddlers, we have a dragon boat team. Although their paddles say something different. The Municipaddlers have been representing the City of Regina for 26 years in the Regina Dragon Boat Festival. Their name originated from an employee contest which resulted in numerous words. Once all the mixing and matching was done, Municipaddlers was founded and the rest is history.

The Municipaddlers are long time ambassadors and volunteers of the festival, taking their fun, inviting nature to every festival they attend in and outside of Saskatchewan.

The Team Captain, Chris Greyeyes has been paddling on this team and in the festival for 26 years as well. He’s one of the festival’s original paddlers. If you have no favourite team in this event, make the Municipaddlers your new one. They’re here representing you, the citizens of Regina.

Outta Sight


Dragonauts are a group of friends getting together for fun and a challenge! With lots of new faces every year, we aim to have a good time together! Here for the races, 2000 meter challenge race and the paddler games!

Several of our paddlers travel to out of province festivals with other teams, mainly the Winnipeg 10 man festival September 8th & 9th.

We have gone by many names: Noah’s Ark, Different Strokes, WET, Usain Boat and now this year we are We Put the Win in Wingate!

Bottom line for our team is that, no matter the name, no matter the division (women’s or co-ed), we’re here to just take in all the wonders of the festival and enjoy each other’s company. That’s right! We are all just a bunch of friends that are giving summer one last big kick at the can with paddling in unison on the great Regina waters! We have all played or play various sports at various competitive levels so we also know the meaning of digging in and giving it all you got! And hey, if we get to dance the night away after the races, well then so be it!

Three cheers to the festival as we look forward to this weekend every year!

The team formed around 2002 and was originally known as the Lab Rats. It was made up of lab people from the Vet Lab, RCMP Crime Lab, RGH lab, a few city police members and a few friends. In 2003, the name was changed to Hope We Float! as many of the original team had dropped out. The best year of this group was 2004, when the team won a silver medal int the Adult Rec Division.

After a year off in 2007, a new management group revived Hope We Float!  in 2008. This group was made up of various Lab Techs, along with many friends and family members who all pitched in to fill the boat. This team’s best year was 2012, when a medal was achieved in the Adult Rec D Division. Hope We Float! has consistantly placed between 10th and 15th most years, having lots of fun along the way! Another management change occurred in 2016, and now in 2017, Hope We Float! is back. Once again made up of lab personnel and  previous team members, we are excited to participate in this years’ festival.

The Soggy Bottom Buoys have been racing in the Regina Dragon Boat Festival since 2002. As their jersey says, “Sweet on you since 2002!”

You can pick out the team with their vivid blue/white/orange jerseys and hear them coming when they sing their infamous chant. You can check out their team photos and more on their own team Facebook page here.

The CI Dragon is a university based dragon boat paddling team, funded by the Confucius Institute (CI) at the University of Regina. The Confucius Institute is a joint initiative between the University of Regina and China’s Hunan University in Changsha, Hunan Province, which aims to promote Chinese language and culture in local community, as well as enhance the mutual understanding between China and Canada. The establishment of the Confucius Institute is based on the longstanding relationship and the growing intellectual and economic exchange between Canada and China. Since the Dragon is the most important and legendary creature in Chinese history, we wish to inherit the power and spirit of the dragon. Thus, we call our team the CI Dragon.

The CI Dragon has been a part of the Dragon Boat Festival since 2012. We are a fun, inclusive, and energetic team, with people from many different backgrounds. Although we may not be the best team when it comes to skill, our upbeat energy and optimistic spirits are what make our team great! We love to have fun, make new friends, and get a nice tan while we’re at it!

Is that chomping you hear in the distance? Must be the Co-opegators Dragon Boat team, sponsored by the Co-operators Life Insurance Company. The Gators have been participating in the festival for the last 17 years. They love hot summer days, long walks down the swamp, and can be frequently found devouring their natural prey: ICE COLD BEER.

If you root for only one reptile-themed, insurance company sponsored team this year, make it the Co-opegators. And be sure to CHOMP along!

The Screamin’ Seamen are the long standing title holders as the Regina Dragon Boat Festival brightest team jerseys. The team is at home in the Dragons Lair having fun with everyone and playing Flip Cup.

The team name Despicable Sea is a parody of the animated movie “Despicable Me”, which is about a clumsy villain who has dozens of little yellow Minions that do his bidding.

Since the dragon boat team contains mostly clumsy misfits and orphans, the name Despicable Sea was a perfect fit (that, and their original team name was already taken). With their bright yellow shirts, costumes and silly antics, they’re hard to miss at the festival!

The team’s first appearance at the 2014 Regina Dragon Boat Festival was done in true Minion fashion.  From getting spectators and officials to sing along to their merry chants, to crashing into another boat on the first race, Despicable Sea had plenty of fun and debauchery, which made a name for themselves – and even attracted paddlers from other teams!

Despicable Sea has attended the festival in Saskatoon, and is planning to attend other festivals across Canada… on their journey towards world domination!  Check out their website:

We are Chumaky Ukrainian Dragon Boat Team, UNF Regina and it is going to be our 8th year in the festival.

Our team is supported by Ukrainian National Federation of Canada – Regina Branch 

Check out this video of their race from RDBF2016

Accordion Content

Amnesty Rocks the Boat 2016 team after the Friday night sprints

Amnesty International is the largest and most well-respected human rights organization on earth, with two all-volunteer groups in Regina. When not fighting for human rights in Canada and around the world, we have fun paddling as "Amnesty Rocks the Boat". We have been in the festival for seven years, but this year thirteen of our crew are rookies. Look for our black shirts with the yellow crests: shining light in the darkness.

While they have competed once previously (2 years ago), the Cox Blockers are calling 2017 their 2nd debut into the world of dragon boating! The team consists of mainly of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region with a little help from their friends.

It will be their first time on the lake for over 50% of the paddlers on this team, but do not underestimate this team, as their competitive spirit is as strong as some of the drugs they provide!

Recovery Rebels


This will be our third year taking part in this festival. This year we have a lot of new people and are excited to see how we can do. We participate in the festival strictly for fun.

This year we would like to improve our skill and compete a little harder.

The MNP/MLT Alligatoars are participating in their 3rd Regina Dragon Boat Festival in 2017

Sour Water Strippers


The Vortex


Super Strokers


Open Division

Not Dragon' Behind


Skinny Dippers


Prairie Dragons SOL