Team List

Team List – 2017

Meet the teams participating in the Regina Dragon Boat Festival, learn who they are, and where they come from.  Team bios (Click team name) will be added as they are received from teams so if you do not see your team bio, it is in the works.  Check back regularly for updates.

Please contact us if you would like your team added, changed, or have any concerns or questions.


Division Team Number Team Name
(Click name for Team Bio)
Team Sponsor/Club
Prairie Cup Competitive
PCC PPC2 Dragon Pac Glass Suppliers
PCC PCC3 The Vortex Vortex Plumbing and Heating
Women W1 Lily Dippers
Women W2 Papetista
Women W3 General Delivery
Women W4 Dragon Our Cookies
Women W5 Dragon Riders Broadway Western Pizza
Women W6 Putting the “Win” in Wingate
Women W7 Busting with Energy
Women W8 Sisterpower
Open O1 Super Strokers
Mixed Recreational
Mixed Rec MR1 Rock You to the Cor Creative Options Regina (Cor)
Mixed Rec MR2 Municipaddlers
Mixed Rec MR3 PDPC – Ship Out of Luck PDPC
Mixed Rec MR4 PDPC – Outta Sight Regina 35 Lions Club & Sask Blind Sports Association
Mixed Rec MR5 Dragonauts
Mixed Rec MR6 Hope We Float
Mixed Rec MR7 Soggy Bottom Buoys
Mixed Rec MR8 CI Dragon
Mixed Rec MR9 The Co-opegators Co-operators Life Insurance Company
Mixed Rec MR10 The Screamin Seamen
Mixed Rec MR11 Despicable Sea
Mixed Rec MR12 Chumaky Ukrainian National Federation, Regina Branch
Mixed Rec MR13 Dragon Riders Broadway Western Pizza
Mixed Rec MR14 Rooster’s Dragon A1 Rent-Alls
Mixed Rec MR15 Amnesty Rocks the Boat Amnesty International – Regina Group 91
Mixed Rec MR16 Coxblockers
Mixed Rec MR17 Recovery Rebels
Mixed Rec MR18 At Least We Rode Up
Mixed Rec MR19 MNP/MLT Alligators MNP LLP and MLT Aikins LLP
Mixed Rec MR20 Sour Water Strippers Co-op Refinery Complex