Awakening the Dragons

What is the ‘Awakening the Dragons’ Opening Ceremony?

Regina Dragon Boat Festival begins Friday afternoon with the “Awakening of the Dragons” Opening Ceremony.

This ceremony is performed by a Taoist Priest and consists of dotting the bulging eyes of the carved dragon head attached to the boat, in the sense of ending its slumber and re-energizing its spirit. The ceremony also includes a traditional lion’s dance.

The opening ceremony is open to the public at no cost and is the kick off to the Festival races that begin Friday evening in Wascana Park.

Dragon Festival Oath

This single paddle represents harmony, friendship and peace among the world’s people. With the symbolic passing of this paddle, we pledge our commitment to the unification of that multi-faceted community with him humility, goodwill and dignity. To harmony, friendship and peace.

Welcome to the Canadian National Dragon Boat Championship

                                                                        & the Regina Dragon Boat Festival

July 18-21, 2019

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