Paddlin' the Prairies | On Regina's Might Shores

Regina Dragon Boat Board of Directors

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers for our board

The Regina Dragon Boat Festival would not be possible without an amazing, dedicated team of driven professionals. Professionals who volunteer their time to make our community and festival better.

The Festival is in need of more volunteers on the Board in order to make this year’s event a success.  Please consider being a part of our team.

Get involved!

Board of Directors

  • President | Barry Eisenzimmer
  • Vice President | Vacant  – Details coming soon
  • Past President | Amber Smale
  • VP of Finance | Vacant
  • Board Secretary | Vacant
  • VP of Entertainment & Programming | Shelly Zhao
  • VP of Interactive Communications | Judy Morgan
  • VP of Site Management | Ritu Kalra
  • AVP of Site Management /  – Details coming soon
  • VP of Sport | Adrianne Hassard
  • AVP of Sport/ Mark Burton
  • Training CoordinatorBrad Zakreski- Details coming soon
  • Equipment CoordinatorVacant  – Details coming soon
  • VP of Marketing & Sponsorships  |Laura’Lei Silzer

The following is a list of duties/responsibilities that is inclusive but not limited to those listed.

Some physical ability is required.

  • Acquire SLGA beer/liquor permit
  • Acquire refer truck for all beer/liquor & arrange for truck pick up Sunday morning
  • Determine all inventory of liquor, beer, other beverages/supplies needed
  • Set up of ticket sales/dispensary/equipment
  • Determine staffing levels/duties/timetable
  • Arrange fun activities for paddlers (Friday/Saturday)
  • Arrange live/DJ entertainment
  • Maintain/Repurchase inventory as needed
  • Return unused inventory for credits
  • Provide cleanup of the site area
  • Manage regular maintenance of beer garden tables, chairs, grounds, garbage
  • Be available on site during beer garden hours of operation
  • Acquire lottery ticket permit/license
  • Administer lottery tickets
  • Administer children’s area ensuring adequate volunteers available/on duty

The following is a list of duties/responsibilities that is inclusive but not limited to those listed.

Some physical ability is required.

  • Setting up/taking down of race lanes
  • Constructing/dismantling of the docking system
  • Transporting of boats to/from docks/festival site
  • Loading/unloading boats from/to storage
  • Arranging for delivery/pickup of the docking system
  • Determine race schedule
  • Arrange for race day officials
  • Loading/unloading of paddles/PFD’s
  • Arranging timetable/duties of staging/dock volunteers
  • Ensuring results of races are administered and posted
  • Providing final race sheet results to President
  • Maintain storage shed/equipment in a neat and organized condition
  • Arrange rose ceremony/roses for teams
  • Arrange/assist in Canada day FREE PADDLE

The duties/responsibilities of the VP Site are inclusive, but not limited to those listed below. The VP Site is required to be on site from 7am-10pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday of the festival weekend.

Some physical ability is required.

  • Coordinate timetable for setup of all physical structures, equipment, vehicles
  • Acquire all necessary licensing/permits for vendor registration/set up
  • Handle all vendor registrations and organization of booths/vehicles
  • Organize all security/timetables/locations
  • Organize all waste/porta pot disposal/pick up times
  • Oversee all fence set up/take down
  • Organize all sound/lighting setup/takedown
  • Organize all WCA blue bins on festival site
  • Work with WCA maintenance on site plan/water line demarcation
  • Be on site for final clean up Sunday morning (7am-11am)
  • Ensure entire festival site clear of any garbage from the festival
  • Solicit new food, arts/craft/community vendors
  • Provide vendors with festival information
  • Organize location of all team tents/tables/chairs
  • Detail duties/locations of all volunteers