Only used during one festival

Dragon Boats For Sale

The Regina Dragon Boat Festival has new dragon boats for sale.

Standard size dragon boats with a maximum capacity of 20 paddlers, plus a drummer and a steerer.

The specification for the “Champion” dragon boats are according to the IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation) standard.

Materials allowed: FRP (Fibre-glass reinforced plastic), Polyester fibre, double hull construction. PVC benches and sides

Accessories Included: dragon head, dragon tail, drum, steering oar, drummer seat

Height 0.55m
Width 1,16m
Lenght 12,40m
Weight 250kg

There were only used once at our festival and the National Championships held in Regina in 2019.

We have 7 boats. Each boat Includes boat drum seat oar.

$9500 each.

Please email Barry if you have interest.

Regina Dragon Boat Festival

August 30-31, 2024