Registration, Rules, and Waivers






Guidelines for IDBF Qualifying

– Please review the full IDBF rulebook
– In order to qualify all members of the team must have a current individual membership to Dragon Boat Canada.
– Crew maximum is 30 people and race roster maximum is 26 people. Upon registration a package will be sent to the team manager which will include the crew and race forms for teams to complete.

Download the Dragon Boat Canada Official Rules.

DBC protocol for qualifying boats:

Download the official document (PDF)


Waiver of Liability Release Forms

The Team Waiver of Liability Release Form and Table will be located in a binder in the equipment shed at the lake and each team will be allocated 2 forms.  Come 10 minutes early to your first practice and have team members fill out the back of the document and then return it to the binder. ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST STILL FILL OUT AND SIGN THE DOCUMENT BEFORE THEIR FIRST TIME ON THE WATER.

For individual paddlers who haven’t joined a team and/or paddlers that are under the age of 18 please download and complete the Individual and Minors Waiver of Liability Release Form.  Minors require a parent or legal guardian to sign the document.  The individual forms are to be provided to the team coach at the first practice you attend.