100% Volunteer Run

The Regina Dragon Boat Festival needs you.  Join our Volunteer team today!

Volunteers are the festival’s ambassadors and set the stage for a great weekend.



Volunteer Positions

Road Closures:
Duties will be to monitor entry/exit of all authorized traffic at either of 2 locations on site.  Only authorized festival board members, sponsors, dignitaries, service vehicles, and agents for the festival will have authorization into the main site location.

Hours:     Friday – 2pm -10pm  (2/4hr durations or 4/2hr durations at each road closure)

8-10 positions required

Saturday – 7am – 10pm (3hr durations for each road closure)

10-15 positions required


Race Marshalls are responsible for calling teams to the designated marshalling site. They facilitate paddlers in selecting paddles and life preservers (PFD’s) and encourage them to assemble as teams and ensure all racers are present. These volunteers should be personable, well organized and able to direct people.

1-4 positions required

The teams will be staged one race before they are to leave the docks. Each team will be directed to a designated row marked by a lane number that corresponds to the race order. They are advised to assemble in the order they are paddling in and when it is safe to do so they will be directed to the docks in the order of their boats position on the dock.

1-2 positions required

Dock Crew:
The dock crew will direct the teams to their respective boats, assist in the loading and unloading of paddlers, assist in bailing excess water from boats upon completion of each race. They will also direct docking position at completion of each race and secure each boat on arrival. These volunteers should be comfortable on a floating dock and unafraid of water.

6-8 positions required

Transporting race results from the timing area to the festival results board as well as other duties as required by the festival officials and organizing committee.

1-2 positions required

Setup/Take Down:
Assist in setting up and taking down race lanes and docks.

4-8 positions required

Cleaning Boats:
Prior to the season boats need to have algae removed from the bottom and insides washed. This is a relatively simple and quick event that may require a short paddle to the marina with the completed boat by 2-3 paddlers.

up to 12 positions required


Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Rose Ceremony, Entertainment Venues, Paddlers Village security
Open # positions required

Post Race:
Loading and/or returning boats, paddles, life jackets to marina compound.
Open # positions required

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