July 1st is approaching and the Regina Dragon Boat Festival is again offering the public a FREE paddle on Wascana Lake for Canada’s 150th birthday.  If you want to experience some of the excitement of dragon boating join us for some free paddling with other experienced paddlers.  Bring a friend, try something you have never done, and maybe join a team or form your own team and paddle in the Regina Dragon Boat Festival September 1-2.

For the many teams already registered the Festival would like to include on its website a team picture and short bio of your team (yrs in festival, name significance, history, accomplishments, etc).  It is important paddlers and the public understand the long standing success and involvement of teams and individuals that have comprised the festival over the last 25 years.  A small but significant appreciation of those who have committed their time and energies to making this a wonderful community event.  Compiling a history of the festival through pictures, video, personal/team stories, list of past teams, etc would be a bonus for the longest running dragon boat festival in Canada.

While the Festival is less than 3 months away the committee has been working on improvements for this year and 2018.  One of our primary considerations is to find avenues of engagement at the festival where all teams participate, not just in racing, but opening ceremonies and other planned events prior to the festival as well as acting as ambassadors of the festival encouraging volunteerism, team development, or sponsorship.  Each team and its members are the Festival’s greatest asset and its foundation of building successful personal and community relationships with a diverse host of cultural identities.  We are a committee of 12 but a Festival of over 800 that can have a tremendous impact on our future.

The overall layout of the Festival will remain intact for 2017 but with some pending changes designed to open up the Dragon’s Lair (beer garden) and entertainment venue.  Also, those who usually have tents in the paddlers village there are some changes to this area.  While the Festival will no longer sponsor team tents they will still be available from A-1 rentals.  There will be a link put on the website in the near future that allows you to rent a tent, table/s, chair/s, storage basket directly through A-1 at a reduced cost (not yet determined).  This process will require the paddlers village to have designated numbered sites for each team in paddlers village.  Even teams who normally bring their own tent to the Festival will be required to register an available location from the Paddlers Village Site Map either through A-1 or the Festival.  The proposed link will be found on the Registration Page of the web page.

Remember, even if you don’t win a medal your presence is felt and your participation is admired and much needed.  Every team is a valuable contributor to the Festival on and off the water.  The Festival will do all it can to recognize and encourage your efforts.


Barry Eisenzimmer


Regina Dragon Boat Festival